You can contact the GOV.UK business support office phone number 0300 456 3565 for assistance with your tax payments, information about government-backed financing schemes or for advice on writing a business plan.


Business Support Number: 0300 456 3565

You should phone the GOV.UK business support helpline number 0300 456 3565 for advice on the day to day running of your company or to enquire about the financial help available from government-backed schemes. For instance, you should call GOV.UK to enquire about the grants and loans accessible through government-backed programmes designed to help support fledgling businesses. Business-owners can also use this number to request help with their tax payments. Specifically, callers can assist small businesses with their Self Assessment Tax forms or anyone who is struggling to pay their tax bill on time. Additionally, you can receive support for enquiries relating to tax returns, allowances and tax codes. Alternatively, you should phone the GOV.UK contact number if you disagree with a recent tax decision in regards to your business.

Moreover, you can contact GOV.UK for assistance with a business plan but is should be noted that anyone is able download a free business plan template from The Prince’s Trust website. Notably, you can use this number to request past examples of business plans relating to the industry you are working in before asking for specific support on what to include when writing the document. For instance, a GOV.UK representative will be able to assist new business owners who do not yet know how to detail their sales strategies or financial forecast. Furthermore, you should call the governmental advice line if you have a query relating to the laws surrounding exporting goods from the region of the UK your business is headquartered in.


Guidance about Call Costs and Times

Phone Numbers such as the GOV.UK business support helpline use a ’03’ prefix, meaning that callers will be charged the same standard per-minute rate as any geographic call made from both landlines and mobiles. However, the office may be free to contact if you have inclusive minutes with your mobile tariff or if you have free calls to local numbers bundled with your landline package. The GOV.UK business support contact number is available to be contacted during the working week, from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday but is closed on weekends.


Email the GOV.UK Office

If you have been unable to contact the GOV.UK business support office during their opening hours then you can request assistance for your particular enquiry on their out-of-hours email address as follows: