Contact Camden Council by calling their general enquiries number 020 7974 4444 to request support with your council tax payments or to apply for a parking license over the phone.


Profile of Camden Council

Camden London Borough Council is of the 32 local authorities in the United Kingdom capital, made up of 18 wards, which each elect three councillors. The council is responsible for collecting council tax from residents in the London borough while also administering benefits to successful claimants. Moreover, Camden London Borough Council maintains a variety of community facilities such as public parking and recycling services.


General Enquiries – 020 7974 4444

Call Camden Council on their London rate contact number 020 7974 4444 to discuss the range of public services provided by your tax contributions over the phone. For instance, you may wish to ask which day of the week to expect rubbish and recycling collection in your local area. Moreover, if you are a homeowner who is looking to add an extension to your property then you may wish to request planning permission from the building control department of the council. Moreover, callers may wish to put forward any questions about the housing services provided by the local authority before asking how long the waiting list is for anyone eligible for council housing.

You should also phone Camden council to request a particular license for your profession, whether you are a taxi driver or would like to sell alcohol in your place of business. By the same token, callers should use this number to renew their license if their current permit is about to expire. You may also wish to get in touch with a representative from the council for assistance logging into your online Camden account so that you can access services from home. For example, the Camden account is ideal for residents who would like to request parking permission or apply for a disabled person’s blue or green permit.


Council Tax Enquiries – 020 7974 4444

You should phone the Camden council on their council tax enquiries number 020 7974 4444 to contact a representative about your payments to the local authority. You should use this number to enquire which council tax band you fall under so that you can receive an estimation of your annual bill. However, you may also prefer to pay your council tax in monthly instalments and can call Camden council to set up the according direct debit. It should be noted that certain residents are subject to a council tax reduction, such as if they live alone or are eligible for a concession due to a disability.


Information about Call Costs and Contact Hours

Camden council uses a London rate area code meaning that you will be able to phone their contact number at no greater cost than the standard per-minute rate for a local call made from a UK mobile or landline. The council is available to be contacted during the standard working week as it open during the hours of 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.


Write to the Camden Town Hall

Residents who have an issue with the public services provided by the council can send a written complaint to the postal address of Camden Town Hall so that it is received by a member of staff working at the local authority:

Camden London Borough Council,
Town Hall,
Judd Street,
United Kingdom.